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General questions

How do I place an order for a Plush Toy bouquet?

How do i place an order? (Other than Plush Toy Bouquet)

Can I do Cash on Delivery / Collection?

Can I come by your office/shop to view and purchase the item on the spot?

Is _____ still available? Availability of _____?

_____ is currently out of stocks on your website, can I check when will there be restocks?

How long in advance should I place my order?

What flowers will be included in the bouquet? How many of each flowers will there be?

Why am I unable to choose the type of flowers/design that I want for the Graduation Bouquet?

Can I request a picture of how the bouquet will look like?

Delivery & Self-Collection

What is “Shipping Address” and “Billing Address”?

Do I have to fill in the Sender's information ("Billing Information")?

What are the Delivery Timings?

Where is the Self-Collection?

How do I select the Self-Collection option?

How long does it take to deliver?

How much is Delivery?

How does the Delivery work?

Which locations do you deliver to, and where are your restricted locations?

I wish to send the item as a surprise, am I able to do it?

I wish to send the item anonymously, am I able to do it?

What happens if the Recipient is not around to receive the item?

I require my bouquet to be delivered to be in the early morning but I do not wish to pay extra for the Specific Timing. Any solution?

Flowers After-care

YAY! I have just received my flowers. How should i keep them?

Keeping your flower fresh

Drying your flowers